OneVoice LIVE sets out to answer two questions: Can ANYONE learn to sing? Can ANYONE have a career in vocal music? The former question deals with talent and development and the latter question deals with marketing/selling.

Can ANYONE Learn to Sing? OneVoice Live has selected 3 singers of varying talent levels through an auditioning process similar to reality singing competitions such as American Idol and the Voice. The show will develop the talent of the contestants, polish up their sound, and record albums/EPs with the help of some of the music industry’s top producers.

Can ANYONE Have a Career in Vocal Music? We will take the contestants through all the steps necessary to MARKET a vocal talent in the modern music industry. That includes branding, campaigning, promoting online and off. The artists will organize their own shows/events, they will vlog frequently, post pictures on their websites and other social media platforms.

The contestants will receive assistance, coaching and consultation from the OneVoice LIVE experts but much of what they do will be self-initiated.
Cameras will follow the participants for 6 weeks and, in the end, The One Voice experts will judge participants on the bases of “Social Media followers/subscribers obtained”, “Album Sales” and “Total Revenue raised”. The winner will get more funding and wider distribution for his/her project.”