Esteban Carvallo
Esteban Carvallo has received international acclaim for his performances and his published work. He has also performed with many of the music industries most established names Celine Dion, Percy Sledge and Ossie Gurley. He is a member of the “International Association of Jazz Educators”, and “Ontario College of Teachers” and has over 20 years of music teaching experience under his belt. His easy going, free flowing, creative approach to teaching is well grounded in sound musical theory and, when it comes to evaluating vocal performances, his insights and advice are invaluable.

Leah-Marie Mckay
Leah-Marie McKay, the wife of Paul McKay, is a recording artist who has served on many chorales and ensembles. Her ear is well-trained and she often assists Paul with some of his clients. Her approach to vocal analysis is often blunt this often causes her to butt heads with Paul but their tensions always resolve amicably.

Professionally, Leah-Marie is a Registered Nurse in the province of Ontario.

Kerri Fuller
Kerri Fuller is known to many as The Implementer, able to make practical sense of abstract vision. She operates as Project Manager for OneVoice Live. Kerri has 24 years of experience in the corporate financial industry with process engineering, and change management as her areas of specialization. She is capable of seeing the big picture as well as the details, and this ability makes her invaluable to the OneVoice live project.

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