Terren Mooney
Born into a family of Musicians, Terren’s talent began to develop as a toddler. Singing and song writing became a passion of hers and she would often create spontaneous melodies as she dreamed of being a singer and actress. She later took up the Tenor Saxophone and was accepted into the prestigious “Mayfield Secondary School of the Arts” playing this instrument. In addition to playing the Saxophone and singing, Terren also plays the piano. She currently works for Apple inc., but still dreams of maximizing her potential as a musician.

Ashlie Rose
Born in the sunny island of Jamaica, Ashlie Rose was born to sing! As a little girl she was known in her community as the “singer girl”, as she could be heard by her neighbours singing expressively in her house for hours. She imigrated to Canada in 2010 where she attended Ryerson University to study Digital Media. As much as she enjoyed her studies, her passion for music kept calling her name! She was the first person auditioned at the “OneVoice Live” casting call, and also the first to go through with the OneVoice Live artist development process.

Sheldon De Souza
Sheldon has traveled to entertain audiences around the world as a singing drummer, dancer and musical director. Grandson of India’s legendary big-band leader, front-man vocalist and trombonist, Maurice Concessio, and son of parents who co-led ‘The Entertainers’ later known as ‘Second Generation’.
Born in Toronto, Canada. At age 2, he was already break dancing and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” at every family event. From a large family of musicians, the entertainment business was always prevalent in Sheldon’s life. He started training in dance, classical voice and piano in the 3rd grade, and took up jazz drums in 5th grade, which became his main instrument.

When he was 16, Sheldon started working as drummer in the family cover band. This led to him becoming a session drummer for studio recordings and cover bands, which then led to working in a show band for Carnival Cruise Lines, and later a Europe tour with Latin Recording Artist, Alex Bello. Since then he toured with countless artists highlighting; Grammy Award winning Theodosii Spassov amongst many other pop, singer/songwriter, r&b, hip hop, latin, rock, country, jazz and world music artists.

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